Registration closes May 20, 2020.

90 Day Mentor®Highlights

Seven modules taught over 3 months

Very beginner friendly; intermediate level welcome

Personalised timetable, activities and tutorials

Learn from an instructor with ten year's experience worth of knowledge, expertise & skill

Bi- weekly live one on one classes with Nnedinma

Professional quality instructional videos & Colour Spectrum approved support materials

Hair Vendor advice

Weekly laser- focus feedback & guidance 

Access to all content for 1 year (365 days)

Unlimited opportunity to ask ANY questions

Curriculum optimized for online delivery

A transformative experience

 Registration open worldwide

Hello to you!

You're here! Yes, you! Are you as excited as I am? Colour Spectrum is going all the way...ONLINE!

 This is the perfect time to tell you a little bit about myself and this programme.

The 90 day Mentor® Programme is a curriculum I designed to provide you with a premium and robust hair-colour education experience. 

Taught over 90 days, each registrant will be immersed in the length and breadth of knowledge that I as the head colourist at Colour Spectrum have to offer.

I began colouring hair a decade ago. Inspired by some of the boldest, trend- setting women I saw and grew up around.

I have always seen a woman with coloured hair as one to watch; a woman who makes a statement without words.

I began experimenting with my hair soon after.

Over the years, I have received further training from some of the best colourists in the world.

But I began and did most of the foundational work as a self taught newbie.

I remain inspired and motivated by my love of expression and a zeal to create.

A decade later, this sustained passion for the hair industry birthed Colour Spectrum- the first choice for top-tier educational services.

Since the launch of B for Blonde®; the signature online course, I have taught students across FOUR continents and counting - sharing my knowledge, expertise and skill with colour lovers worldwide.

If you have ever admired the consistent colour results on our social media and thought- that could never be me or my work- think AGAIN!

I am here to hold your hand and shine a light on your path to success. You have the ability, all you need is a guide to make the journey easier, effortless and most of all, enjoyable!

Because creating should always be bring you joy!

Remember this course is 100% online, so you can decide to embark on this transformation with me from any country in the world.

Orientation starts in May 2020. I know I'll be seeing you there. 

It's going to be epic!

Nnedinma. x