High & Lowlights online course. Feb 28th 2020.

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High & Lowlights online course. Feb 28th 2020.

The Dimension Series course outline

  • Learn how I achieve a complete multi- dimensional blonde look in this beginner- friendly course. This course will feature a complete colour service from start to finish.

  • Watch as I share my techniques, tips and strategy with which I approach product choice and placement to achieve a look that is stress-free and mistake- proof

  • Learn as I share how I tone and what formulas/colours/products I use during this stage + what products to avoid and how to ensure even + vibrant results

  • Watch as I teach you how to colour melt + avoid harsh lines of demarcation between different tones and create envy- worthy blends and dimensional results

  • I teach you how to maintain this look + healthy hair practices and holy grail products that will keep your multi- dimensional blonde vibrant and fresh

  • This course will feature virgin hair extensions from a starting level 1; which is a natural black/ dark brown

5 star rated online course. Sundays @ 6pm.

100,000NGN. 30 day access & Student Support

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5 star rated online course. Sundays @ 6pm.

B for Blonde® course outline

  • Learn my technique and process for achieving envy-worthy level 9 and 10 blondes. Understand product choice + why & how I use some of my holy grail products

  • Gain insight on how I ensure the best results, my approach to correct measurements, proper timing and intentional application. In addition, I teach you how to avoid and correct certain mistakes during the blonding process

  • Watch as I demonstrate step by step my fool proof methods for the ever elusive platinum blonde + warm beige blonde, starting with 1b natural hair + learn how and why I decide on my toning formulas and the relevant maintenance tips pre, during & post bonding process

  • At the end of this course, students will leave confident of their newly acquired skills and will be able to expand their portfolio

  • Pose questions directly to your course instructor through student support whilst enrolled in your course